Back to Analog: Jakarta’s Film Photography Trend


By: Mas Agung Wilis Yudha Baskoro

Digital cameras are currently at its peak.

Canon’s digital camera has reached a burst rate with a speed of 16 FPS (frame per second) for shooting with the viewfinder or 20 FPS for shooting with Live View mode via the LCD. This technology enables photographers to precisely capture a fraction of a second for sport or wildlife photography.

Despite the popularity of sophisticated, brand new digital cameras, analog film photography is still going strong — especially in the Greater Jakarta Area— thanks to the millennials and Gen Z. 

To this younger generation, getting into ye olde analog photography is like embarking on a new adventure. Growing up, they did not experience taking pictures with various types of film. Nor did they develop films in chemicals and scan negatives, since digital photography emerged in 1995. Their enthusiasm also gives birth to analog photography communities.

The Jakarta’s Kamera Ria community at Tebet serves as a new platform and forum for the capital’s analog photographers. First established in 2018, the community now regularly holds talk shows on Instagram to stay connected with their members amid the Covid-19 pandemic.


The capital is also seeing a rise in photo labs for film developing, film scanning, and photo printing services. Among them are ASA Photolab in Tebet, Labrana in Kemang, as well as Soup N Film in Blok M. These photo labs provide easy access at affordable prices for young analog photographers who are just getting started on film photography. 

Photo labs become a bridge between local film distributors and classic camera traders. They also serve as a place where one can share knowledge on film photography.

This trend has been going strong for more than five years. It breathes new life into the classic camera traders and service providers at Pasar Baru Traditional Market in West Jakarta. 

Young film photographers who want to get an analog camera at a low price can go to Pasar Baru and get guaranteed, favorable services. Due to the dedication and loyalty of Pasar Baru classic camera traders, we can see a teenager holding cameras used in the World War II and Vietnam War such as the Leica M, Rolleiflex, Canon S and Nikon F. 

These legendary cameras are making a comeback to preserve every moment on the streets through the eyes of young film photographers.


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